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The umbrella of Multicultural Ministries encompasses 17 focused ministries, each dedicated to effective strategies for evangelism, discipleship, and training. Multicultural Ministries provide materials and resources to help people reach into the many cultural groups of North America.

Active Multicultural Evangelism Ministries:
African Immigrants Evangelism Ministry
Amish-Mennonite Evangelism Ministry
Chinese Evangelism Ministry
Deaf Evangelism Ministry
Filipino Evangelism Ministry
French Evangelism Ministry
Gypsy Evangelism Ministry
Haitian Evangelism Ministry
Korean Evangelism Ministry
Middle Eastern Evangelism Ministry
Native American Evangelism Ministry
Portuguese Evangelism Ministry

Immigration to the US, 1820-2007 v2 from Ian Stevenson on Vimeo.

Each of these ministries has a national coordinator and a national conference that both trains workers and includes nightly evangelistic rallies where many people are filled with the Holy Ghost each year.

Among our services, we also assist ministers and laity in North American/international transfers. This includes helping incoming ministers meet with the proper officials and prepare documentation to get into North America. Also, we help people find churches when they move into North America from new areas.

Resources available through Multicultural Ministries include the following: provides literature in many languages for both evangelism and discipleship (tracts, Bible Studies, etc.). This site is a multilingual database which allows visitors to download materials free of charge.
All Nations Sunday is an annual Sunday designated by the UPCI to help the entire church focus on reaching different cultural groups and language communities. This event helps churches double their attendance that Sunday, and more importantly, make connections with people in their communities. The website provides resources to help you implement this program in your church and promote the event to your community.

An Internet Multicultural Ministry Conference was held May 9-10. Six sessions were conducted with topics including...
  • Leading, Managing, and Pastoring Diverse Congregations
  • Planting a Revival Church in a Multicultural World
  • Creating a Worship Experience that Attracts Other Cultures
  • Developing Leaders from Other Cultures
  • The Multicultural Commission of the Church


Contact Information
Reverend Donald D. Hanscom
Multicultural Ministries Director
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.