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On October 18, 2015, United Pentecostal churches across North America will welcome people from around the world who are RIGHT NEXT DOOR. That Sunday is ALL NATIONS SUNDAY. In some congregations there are 3 nationalities represented, in others a dozen, and in some there are more than 40 nationalities in attendance during this special service. They are welcomed, appreciated, and impacted by the saving name of Jesus Christ. And there are many more people, just like these, who are RIGHT NEXT DOOR. People we still need to reach. People who still need to hear this gospel. People who matter!

There is a way you can help. Financially! Each year, ALL NATIONS SUNDAY promotions costs Multicultural Ministries approximately $12,000.00. ALL NATIONS SUNDAY is a great success, and needs your help so that we can plan the ALL NATIONS SUNDAY campaign for next year. Any contribution you can give would be greatly appreciated. Will you help? Please donate now by clicking on the donate button on this website.

We believe that you will. ALL NATIONS SUNDAY: Reaching all nations that have come to call North America their home.

All Nations Sunday is a day set aside annually by the United Pentecostal Church International to focus on welcoming people from all cultures and nationalities to North American churches.

Join churches around North America in inviting the many ethnic groups of your community to church for a time of celebration. This dynamic service unites communities and helps your church make connections with diverse cultures in your area.
All Nations Sunday
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How You Can Be Involved
    • Invite someone to attend All Nations Sunday in your local church.
    • Decorate church facilities with an international theme using flags, etc.
    • Encourage church members and visitors to dress in their native attire.
    • Organize a program so that greeters and ushers dress in international attire.
    • Feature songs in a language other than English.
    • Host an international dinner after service. Invite sponsors in the city to donate food for the occasion, e.g., Chinese, Mexican, etc.
    • Assist greeters in getting information from visitors for follow-up, and volunteer to help with visitor follow-up.
    • Offer to host Home Bible Studies and/or small group meetings for visitors.

The following suggestions can help prepare your church for an effective All Nations Sunday:
  • For two to three Sundays before All Nations Sunday, focus preaching and teaching on reaching every creature with the gospel, regardless of culture or language.
  • Consider having only one service on this particular Sunday.
  • Combine mother church and daughter church services.
  • Incorporate "Friends Day" into All Nations Sunday.
  • Launch the beginning of a new daughter work within an ethnic community in the city or area that is still un-reached. Provide the demographic statistics for the city or area, indicating the various ethnicities among the population. (This is essential and should be boldly promoted).
  • Invite evangelists and musicians with gifts in reaching different ethnic groups.
  • Select a theme. Possible themes include:
    • Building Bridges
    • Crossing Borders
    • Tearing Down Walls
    • Dissolving Differences
    • Unity in Diversity

Each year, the Multicultural Ministries creates professionally-designed promotional materials for your use during All Nations Sunday. These resources include banners, signs, posters, flyers, and more. As these materials become available, they will be placed on this site for your use.

Downloadable Materials
Planning, promoting, and executing a highly effective All Nations Sunday is a team effort on many fronts. We have designed a detailed plan that outlines every possible aspect of the event so that your church can organize and prepare for an exciting and victorious Sunday:


For more information, contact:
Don Hanscom
All Nations Sunday Coordinator
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All Nations Sunday
Richard Eaton - Coordinator of Multicultural Ministries - Maine District UPCI

Pastors:  This is a great opportunity to reach out and encourage people of various ethnic backgrounds and cultures to come to your church for an event that honors them.  Here are some suggestions:


1.  Encourage the church members to notice people who are talking a different language when they walk by them.  Suggest this to saints: Stop and ask them what language they were speaking.  If they don’t understand your question, you can suggest some languages.  They will probably realize what you are asking at that point and tell you their language.  Have them write it down, give them a church card, and ask if you can call them (get phone number and name).  Maybe your children or grandchildren can tell you if anybody at school or college talks a different language.  Check the bookstores for “Spanish Table” night, or “French Table” night.  Check the laundromats.  Go down the white pages and look for oddly spelled names that might indicate a nationality that is different than yours.


3.  Go to and see if that language has tracts available for downloading.  Download and print as many as you need.  The pastors should have received a packet with a list of the different multicultural coordinators, such as French, Israelite, Gypsie, Korean, and Deaf.  Write them to see what materials are available.

Spanish tracts and home Bible studies are available at PPH already printed, but many are available free online.  French materials may be available at General Conference

4.  Call the person and ask if you can have some help with something about the Bible written in their language, if they can tell you what it says in English (if they know English as well). Set up an appointment to go over and take somebody else with you.  Sometimes it will work out where you have the tracts with you and you can simply sit down someplace and start looking at it together, with your Bible in English and the tract in the language of the person.

5.  Explain to the person that in October we will celebrate All Nations Sunday, honoring the ethnic contributions made to our nation by peoples whose roots were from other lands.  Explain what will take place and how their nation will be honored with a flag ceremony and a verse of scripture in their language (and whatever else you have planned).  Have a flyer ready or a website with the announcement on it.

6.  Help this person learn Acts 2:38 in their native language.  Keep going back or calling to remind him or her of the ANS service, and also to continue with your study.  You can look online for worship songs in the different languages, learn one, and sing it along with those who speak that language on ANS.

7.  Ask this person to bring food which is typical of their country of origin to contribute to an INTERNATIONAL DINNER after your ANS service.  Ask him or her to wear the typical clothing of their country to the service and to bring any background information they can concerning the nation with them to set up in a small display on the wall behind the food from their country.  Label the food by its name and a list of ingredients.  Let the food coordinator know what is being planned as a dish.

8.  Offer this person a ride.

9.  Prepare scripture sheets in each language for the one they are memorizing (Acts 2:38) and song sheets with the words of the song they will sing.  Distribute.  Practice in sessions with them. You can hear the Bible audio online in many languages for free, and

10.  Have an ANS flyer prepared and distribute (half sheet size works best).

11.  Organize food from as many different nationalities as are represented in your church, or known to be in your area.  Advertise your service with a flyer and in the newspaper.  Also, the week before, put up an announcement on hour church sign (with letters you insert).

12.  Assign different people in the church the job of greeting these people when they first come to the church, above and beyond the greeter the church has. The warm handshake will let them feel loved and welcomed.       


1.  Have ALL NATIONS SUNDAY on the overhead screen.  On your church sign, you need to welcome them in at least one other language than English.  Have a welcome gift ready and an information card for them to fill out.

2.  Have songs such as “For Who You Are”  (Lord you are good and your mercy endureth forever.... people from every nation and tongue...generation to generation....we worship you...”

3.  Make sure your church has a flag in a flag stand from the country the person came from. Let the person of that national origin carry the flag up to the platform to be displayed there.  Let recognition be given for the contribution to our nation that this ethnic group has given in the way of appreciation.

4.  Have the children sing, “Jesus loves the little children of the World”, or else “Everybody Ought to Know” or This Little Light of Mine” and mention the nationalities that need to know.  (or some more modern song that brings the same result)

5.  Have the nationalities represented come forward, dressed in their native attire if possible, one group at a time, and quote Acts 2:38 (or another one, if preferred) and sing a song in that tongue.

6.  Have copies of the message that will be preached printed up interpreted into the languages represented.  Also, have the scriptures ready for them to find or have them typed out.  If this is a language you can speak, interpret into English for them.

7.  Be ready to pray with them and believe God to fill them with His Spirit.  Fast and pray in preparation for ANS.

8.  Have a person in charge of the food arrangement, and keep each dish in the area of its ethnic origin.  Maybe the flag of that country could then be displayed behind the food from that country.  Have other people assigned to label the dishes with masking tape, or some other method, little stands with a place to put in a label. 

Be sure your church people have been trained to welcome the people who are visiting them warmly and to show appreciation for the culture they bring with them.